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 Tokaji Muscat Lunel Asz˙, 6 puttonyos 1994.

Awarded the silver medal at the 2002 Vinales Internationales in Paris

Tokaji Asz˙ is perhaps the finest naturally sweet wine in the world, made from grapes affected by noble rot. Items made exclusively from Muscat grapes, such as this offering, are a curiosity among asz˙ wines, typically blends using two or three varieties. Introduced by a nose of dried fruits, this Asz˙ is dominated by chocolate and almond flavors on the palate. It is a full-bodied wine with a rich, oily texture, and a massive sweetness superbly balanced by the lively acidity.

With its unique harmony between elegance and power, this wine offers a memorable experience when accompanying foie gras, blue cheese, desserts, or even a fine cigar. Serve at 10-12 ░C.

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